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Beatle John's DVD Burning Assistant 0.2 - english version

Size: 400kB, Lang: English, Freeware, Windows 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP

     Burning Assistant was written with the purpose of automation of the protracted process of selection of folders and files for maximum filling the recordable DVD. For example, you want to burn a DVD film of 3,9Gb disk size. It turns out that remaining 800Mb on a medium will left empty. And it is not good! You can always find what to burn else – music or files, other films - anything that you have on your HDD. You only have to specify a template (CD-R/DVD-R/DVD-DL) and material for burning, and program will count and will pick out from it files exactly on 800Mb. It will save your disk space, your time and even money.

Beatle John`s DVD Burning Assistant program window


- How does it works?

- It's quite simple. First, in the main window, where you see your files and folders on HDD, you have to select one, big file or folder for burning. Also you can select many files and folders containing material that needs burning. After selecting go to Controls-Set target size field and choose a template – a kind of your medium for burning. It can be single or double layer DVD, DVD+R, DVD-R or even CD-R. For the first time, do not make changes in other fields, just press “Go!” in Action field. After a few moments, which amount directly depends on the speed of your CPU and more or less on the speed of your hard drive, you'll see results in the Results window. That's it – files and folders to burn your medium to its maximum capacity.

Other program controls.

Controls – Set target size – Custom size

Firstly, choose a template, then check “Custom size” option, select material in the main window (in that case it must be lesser than chosen template!) and check “Autosize” checkbox. The program will calculate amount of megabytes, that left empty on the medium. Now select anything else in the main windows and “Go!”. You'll get it right.

Controls – Set deviation

BJBA do calculations with some deviation. It is the amount (in megabytes) that you can fill by hand. “Calculate both directions” tells program to count more and less from deviation you set. It means following. If deviation is set to 5Mb, and template is DVD+R, program will calculate results in the range of 4695Mb<4700Mb<4705Mb.

Controls – Random Sampling

Change this option only if you now for sure that program possibly gives you wrong result. By increasing Random Sampling amount you can get right result, but if you set 10000 samples you'll have to wait for some time cos it can take even a minute on a weak machines.

Controls – Actions – Options

There you can set several program options that stored in INI file. If you delete INI file by accident, program will automatically make a new one, but old options will be lost. For that you have to set options on more time. Disk Tree View changes after program reload.

Controls – Actions – Show total size of selected

Select something in the main window and press this button. You'll get exact size of selected.

Controls – Results

Results window will show you what to burn to fully fill your medium.

Select source folders – Show files of the following type

Useful feature that lets you choose different file types to show in the main window. For ex, you if choose “archives” - only RAR/ZIP/7Z/ISO files will be shown, no other types.

Controls – Messages (I'm BOT)

A funny one to make you smile while program works.


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